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This limited Edition "Enduring" is created by award-winning artistic genius Dan Medinas. A mother and baby whale swim above a symbolic world. Their enduring love and continual bond will survive anything. [View Artist Info] This...
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This contemporary yet traditional Whale Song Sculpture will enhance and bring beauty to your home or office. While not exactly the Chrysler Tower, this piece could definitely go on display in its lobby. From the Retro Collectio...
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This stunning Beluga Whale Sculpture is mounted on a unique burl wood base. Handmade of a versatile resin compound called "Pellucida" that can be presented in a variety of colors and textures and adapted by state of the art mol...
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"Breath Of Life" Mother & Baby Whale Sculpture is created by award-winning artist Kitty Cantrell. The elegant Lucite® and mixed media sculpture illustrates the wonder and amazement in a young whale's first breaths as it ris...
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We bring you "Island Enchantment," a magnificent artwork! I can think of few things more enchanting than a gorgeous island reef and its gentle inhabitants. One can loose themselves in this peaceful scene even more easily with t...
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Includes Black Marble Base (Not Shown) Our artists capture the spirit of the wild and bring it into our homes with beautiful artworks like this. This stunning Whale and Calf Leaded Crystal glass sculpture will brighten up your ...
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Experience the beauty and elegance of this Patina finish Brass Coated Mother and Calf Whales Sculpture. This quality finish artwork shows charm, beauty, value and style of a new aesthetic trend. Our goal is to bring the highest...
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Humpback Whale End Table 23.5"high 24"wide 24"deep Marble and Glass
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